The Importance Of Participating In Ongoing Osteoarthritis Clinical Trials Within The New York Metropolitan Area

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Osteoarthritis is considered to be the most common form of arthritis.  It develops when the normal layer of lubricating cartilage covering the bones within the affected joints deteriorates over time resulting in bone on bone abrasion.  Why the cartilage suddenly begins to deteriorate is not well understood.  Possible causes include, protracted stress to affected joints (as can result from the performance of certain occupations), being overweight, advanced age, sex (for those over 55, it is more common in women than men), and joint injuries.  There is even evidence to suggest that it can, in certain cases, be inherited.  Regardless of its cause, the protracted abrasion of bone on bone results in inflammation, and varying degrees of stiffness, tenderness, loss of mobility and range of motion, and, in many cases, significant pain within the affected joints.  While osteoarthritis can occur in any joint within the body, it most commonly affects joints within the hands, knees, hips and spine.  The negative impact this disorder can have on a person’s mobility, comfort, and overall quality of life cannot, therefore, be minimized.


It is for the above reasons that osteoarthritis studies NYC is such an important area of medical research.  In fact, there are a number of osteoarthritis clinical trials currently being conducted within the New York City Metropolitan Area – many under the sponsorship of major pharmaceutical companies that are attempting to either find ways to slow the progression of this disorder and/or find better, more effective ways to alleviate the pain that results from bone-on-bone abrasion.   Participation in one of these pharmaceutical industry-sponsored osteoarthritis clinical trials is free.  That is, the cost to be seen by the physician and his/her staff, as well as all medical tests and procedures performed, and the medication under evaluation are all provided at no cost to participants of the trial.  Moreover, for most clinical trials, participants are provided with a modest honorarium in addition to reimbursement for reasonable travel-related costs.


In closing, it is important to realize that pain relief resulting from osteoarthritis represents a significant unmet medical need.  While there are medications available to relieve the pain that results from osteoarthritis, for many, the relief in inadequate.

Participation in one of the ongoing Osteoarthritis clinical trials not only has the potential of helping you, it has the potential of helping others afflicted with this disorder.  It also helps advance medical science by allowing them to better understand what worked and what didn’t.  This in turn increases the probability of a significant breakthrough in the treatment of osteoarthritis occurring within the foreseeable future.

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