Post Holiday Depression

The holiday season has passed, but the memories linger.  For many, the memories are warm and positive, giving us strength and resolve to embrace the new year and form positive strategies to enable us to continue to persevere and improve our outlook and quality of life. However, for those particularly vulnerable people with a history of major depressive disorder, the post holiday season can be particularly challenging.  On the one hand, the holiday season may have been a very happy time filled with memories of many positive encounters and distractions to bolster feelings of accomplishment and self-worth.  But now it is over and it’s back to the same old routine and challenges that were there prior to the start of the holiday season.  The adjustment can be difficult.  For others, the holiday season was a challenging and/or disappointing time.  In both instances, feeling of sadness, loss and hopelessness can take over and propel us into a new or deepening period of depression.  It is not surprising that this would also be a particularly fertile time for people living within the New York City Metropolitan Area to seek out Depression Research Studies New York City as one means of coping with the onset or exacerbation of depression.You don’t have to go it alone.  Such centers specialize in the care and management of depression and the studies they have been recruited to participate in have the potential of providing significant relief.  They also give participants access to medications that are not yet available to be prescribed by physicians specifically for the treatment of depression.  So…  Don’t delay!  Search the web for Depression Research Studies New York City to learn where such studies are currently being conducted near you and whether participating in a clinical research study is right for you.

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