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    Important insights about drugs and their potential to safely and effectively treat important medical conditions are learned through the conduct of controlled clinical trials. People who participate in clinical trials have the unique opportunity to access potential treatments before they are made generally available and also helps others by contributing to medical research, our understanding of the disorder under evaluation as well as the overall drug development process.

  • SPRI Clinical Trials is a highly experienced, independent, free-standing clinical research site located in Brooklyn, NY that collaborates with the pharmaceutical industry in their evaluation of medications that may eventually be used to treat a number of important health-related conditions. Some of the medications being evaluated are newly developed compounds, while others have already been approved and available as treatments for other illnesses.

We are staffed by a team of highly experienced medical professionals who are committed to providing only the highest standards of medical care and strict adherence to clinical protocols.

SPRI has experience

conducting clinical trials within the following therapeutic indications.

To see which studies SPRI is currently actively in the process of enrolling subjects, please click here, or go to Studies/Indications tab above.

  • icon-alzheimer
    Alzheimer’s Disease
  • icon-depression
    Major Depressive Disorder
  • icon-schizophrenia
  • icon-bipolar
    Bipolar Disorder
  • icon-anxiety
    Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • icon-migraine
  • icon-fibro
  • icon-osteo
    Osteoarthritis (Hip or Knee)
  • icon-pain
  • icon10
    Future Indications
  • icon-fibro
    Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy
  • icon-alzheimer
    Posttraumatic Stress
  • icon-depression
Join Our Database

If you would like to be placed into our database and be notified of any future trials we may be in a position to conduct, please provide us with your contact information and what type(s) of indication(s) you might be interested in participating in or learning more about.

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