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What is Bipolar Disorder?

SPRI Clinical Trials is currently conducting Bipolar Disorder Research Studies New York City.  If you or someone you know suffers from this disorder, it is important to know that it is treatable and advances in treatment are actively being explored. Bipolar disorder is a complex psychiatric disorder with several subcategories.  It used to be referred to...


Misconceptions About Memory Loss

SPRI Clinical Trials is looking for volunteers to participate in Dementia Research Studies Brooklyn. Misconceptions about what causes memory loss and what can be done about it,as we get older abound. Is it normal? Does diet or lifestyle play a role? Is it Alzheimer’s disease? Is it genetic? Is there anything that can be done to...


Clinical Trial With Anti-Amyloid Drug Fails To Slow The Deterioration In Memory Caused By Alzheimer’s Disease.

As SPRI Clinical Trials of Brooklyn continues to work aggressively on behalf of pharmaceutical companies on a number of Memory Loss Clinical Research Studies Brooklyn in hopes of finding new ways to provide symptomatic relief of memory loss due to Alzheimer’s disease, news of attempts to slow the progression of this disease hits a major setback. Eli...