Clinical Research Site in Brooklyn is helping to identify new treatments for Memory Loss Due to Alzheimer’s Disease.

Getting a new drug approved for human use is a long and painstakingly difficult process that generally makes it way from the test tube, to testing in animals and, if successful up to this point, testing in people.  To accomplish this final phase of the drug development process, pharmaceutical companies recruit medical practices to recruit patients to take the drug they are trying to develop to determine if it will, indeed, do what itis intended to do and do so safely.

To this end, SPRI Clinical Trials Brooklyn is a clinical research facility currently working on a number of Memory Loss Research Studies New York City.

People who agree to participate in one of SPRI’s Memory Loss Research Studies New York City have the unique opportunity to gain access to potentially important new approaches to the treatment of this devastating and incurable disease.

Participation is entirely voluntary and free of charge.  That means that there is no charge for the medication under study or any of the study-related exams, tests and procedures.  In addition, volunteers receive a modest stipend for their participation, and are compensated for reasonable time and travel-related expenses.

To volunteer or learn more about what’s involved in participating in a clinical trial call 718-616-2400 or go on the web to

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