New Treatments For Osteoarthritis

A recent article published in the Wall Street Journal (October 31, 2016) entitled “Patients Find Way to Cut Drug Costs” highlighted the difficult situation some people have with being able to afford to pay for certain drugs to treat their particular medical conditions.  One of the drugs the article discusses is Treximet to treat migraine headaches.  This drug could cost as much as $750 at the pharmacy.  While there are ways to get around paying that much for this drug, it underscores the challenge people sometimes encounter in trying to find affordable drugs to treat their particular medical conditions.

Another way to potentially find affordable medical care and medications to treat migraine headaches may be by participating in a clinical research study.  Such studies generally pay all medical expenses, provide free study medication, and even provide stipends and reimbursement for travel.  To learn more about participating in clinical research studies being conducted within the New York Metropolitan Area you could search Headache Research Studies New York City.  You can also search by town or borough.  For example, you live in Brooklyn, you could try searching Headache Research Studies Brooklyn.

In the end, you owe it to yourself to explore all options in order to find the best approaches to affordable medical care and management of your healthcare needs.

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