Participation in a clinical research study may be a way to obtain relief from the behavioral symptoms associated with bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder is a psychiatric condition in which people with this disorder periodically may cycle between periods of depressionand periods of extreme/abnormal bouts of energy, flights of thought/fantasy and elation. The latter is commonly referred to as mania.

While there are a number of medications currently available to people who suffer from this disorder, medical science and the pharmaceutical industry continue to try to find even more effective medications or medications that possess fewer and less severe side effects.

At any given time there are clinical trials being conducted throughout the United States targeting this disorder.  For more information on where such studies are being conducted within the New York Metropolitan Area, you can search on the web for Bipolar Research Studies New York City.  You can also narrow your search to a specific borough that is close to where you live – for example, Bipolar Disorder Research Studies Brooklyn.

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